How you can convert English images into Urdu Online for Free

How you can convert English images into Urdu Online for Free

Images are the most powerful and appealing way of communication. They are often used for the idea of conveying knowledge or some sort of information.

With the advancement of technological terminologies, we are now able to convert or translate the text of images into another language. The purpose is to translate the same instructions or information given in the picture into the native language of a person to make him understand.


How can you convert English images into Urdu ones?:

You can now easily translate images into desirable languages as per your requirement.

Conversion of English images into Urdu ones is also possible and pure for technical complexities.


The typical method of converting images into desired languages:

For the conversion of a picture from English into Urdu, many methods can be adapted. Yet the simplest of all is;

  • Open the translation app
  • Choose the language you want the results for.
  • Select detect language.
  • Tap the camera instantly.
  • Point the camera at the text you want to translate to translate the whole text.
  • You will get the result in your required language.
  • You can do it in 94 languages instantly.

Why tools are necessary for conversion:

Tools are essential for the conversion of image languages as they are beneficial in multiple ways. Some of those beneficial characters are listed below,

  • They save time.
  • They play the role of a bridge for language barriers.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They are user-friendly.
  • They gave the desired result in a minimum time.

Requirements for a better result:

There are some limitations or must-to-do factors which promise an accurate result. These factors are;

  • Pictures should be in HD quality.
  • They should not be blurry.
  • One should easily understand the words.
  • Camera flash if used should be even and should not disrupt the quality of the picture.

Applications or tools used in the purpose:

Many applications are used for this purpose.

The google lens is popular among all and works pretty much in the same way as the typical method of conversion.


(1): How to use Google Lens?

  1. Press the home button a little longer to get access to Google Assistant.
  2. Tap the compass icon which is present on the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap the camera icon which is present next to the microphone icon at the bottom but at the center of the screen.
  4. If you are new to Google lens, tap on ‘Get Started’ to continue with the process.
  5. Click the photo you want the app to identify the text.
  6. After clicking the image, the app will begin to identify it and will provide you with the accurate information or translation that you were searching for.
  7. You can translate the text into many languages but not in all languages or regions.

There are many better options to go for in case of an alternative to Google lens but best of all is Greenshot. It is free and open source.

Besides these, you can also install some other applications which give the desired result error-free.

Some of these applications are:


(2): Text Scanner:


Features of ‘Text Scanner’ application:

  1. Auto-detect languages
  2. 100+ languages supported
  3. With the most advanced OCR technology
  4. Scan/extract text from images/photos/pictures by using the phone’s camera
  5. Support scan text from other apps
  6. The premium offline scan is not very best to use.
  7. One has to do little proofreading and editing after pasting the text
  8. The functionality of OCR is admirable
  9. Supports 100+ languages
  10. Can be even applicable for somehow pictures that are not in a very accurate position.

Offered by EVOLLY.APP


(3): Fast pdf Scanner:


Features of ‘Fast pdf Scanner’ application:

  1. Fast PDF scanner with OCR is an app with multiple functions, that can be used as a PDF converter, editor, viewer, and reader – All in one
  2. Scan it with just one click – Simple and fast!
  3. Now with the Premium feature, you can use a camera to scan and translate.
  4. Just take the picture and automatically extract text, handwriting, and other similar data from scanned documents that are more than simple (OCR scanner) to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables, Receipts, etc.
  5. There are also more options if you want to store the document – Save it as PDF or JPEG.
  6. Convert text or image to PDF with OCR scan. Scan it simply and fast with our PDF converter app.
  7. Now you don’t need to manually extract text and data from scanned documents.
  8. Fast PDF converter uses machine learning algorithms to read and process any type of document, and accurately extract text, handwriting, tables, and other data without any extra manual effort.

Offered by fazcon apps.


(3): Translate photos by translator:


Features of ‘Translate photos by Translator’ application:

  1. Fast access, immediate Translate & Easy Share
  2. 125+ countries’ languages can get translated.
  3. Apps Scanner can detect & Translate 125+ lingo.
  4. Click, Scan Photos by the camera
  5. Send a voice message to get translate
  6. Translate text, notes pdf, picture/image
  7. Work in Online/offline dual mode.
  8. Free Scanner to scan images Language by photo translator app.
  9. Translate the photo text using the voice & camera of the language translator app & share results easily on social apps.
  10. The voice translator app helps to get text notes by voice with a single click.
  11. The Language translator app has the abilities to learn multi-Lingo, Easy speak & clear learning multi-language, deep communication skills, etc. As we learn in educational coaching, training institutes, or at the academy.

Offered by Touchpedia Inc.

There are some other applications too but the above listed are ranked among all and used widely among the masses.

Fields in which image translations are applicable:

There are various fields in which we find the need of translating an image or text into the language of our choice.

Here’s an idea of how and where this is applicable,

  • E-commerce
  • Business
  • Education
  • Digital newspapers
  • Shopping


Online business strategies are developing every day and adding to the list of their pros.

In that case, this feature is best suited for the growth of an online business to target more clients and grab their attention. This trick will play a helping hand in the growth of this field.


The well-managed businesses have better strategies to run, of which this could be one.

The more the range of clients will be, the more the business will grow.

One can easily deal with bilingual clients. This will improve the experience between both parties and will bridge the communication gap.


Our education system is advancing day by day. Especially at higher education levels, most universities offer exchange programs. To deal with non-native students and to make things easier, this translation method will be the best of all.

It will be easy to deliver things without much time and effort.

Digital newspapers:

As this is the world of the internet and modern utilization. The traditional systems are neglected to a great extent. People are shifting from paper in hand to the same paper but on the screen. The digital newspaper is not for people living in a small area or city, masses throughout the world can have access to it using a simple click.

Image translations or text translations are very well used in this scenario. The whole page can be translated in a matter of a single click in less than a second.


In the buying of imported products, the translation tools are used very fairly. If you’re buying a product that states its products in a language that you are unaware of as it is new to you, you can simply capture the picture, translate it into your native or demanded language, and get to know what it is about.

So this experience will make the shopping less hectic and more fun.

  • Conclusions:

You can translate the text of images from one language to another for a variety of purposes. It is done so because,

  1. It is the need of time.
  2. Managing a translator for every minor to major task is a big no for many people who can’t afford it.
  3. There are a variety of tools for this service, you can pick one of your own choices.
  4. Many applications are cost-free and run offline.
  5. Sometimes the user needs to result in more than one language, in that case, it is of great help
  6. You can add your reviews or give suggestions to the tools about your experience and how it can get better.
  7. It is very easy to use and handle.
  8. It has a lot more pros than cons.


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